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Personalized Counseling

Color Test

Learn how to enhance your natural coloring. By wearing YOUR right colours you are guaranteed to look younger, healthier and more vibrant. The clothing should not talk first; your natural beauty should. After our colour analysis, you will know your best colour choices and showcase the benefits of wearing them on a daily basis also learn how to match new outfits.


The face and hair also have their own lines, shapes, volume and color, aspects that transmit certain image codes depending on how they are; thus, they can transmit closeness, security. With this visagism analysis we study the form, proportion and profile of your face and the shape of your eyes and lips. This will show the hair cut and hair color more flattering to your features as well as the right way to boost your makeup beauty.



Understanding your body shape is the first step to knowing what styles you should invest in. A Style Consultation will help you understand what suits your figure and why and provide you with the tools you need to make the right clothing choices thereafter, so the days of ‘what shall I wear?’ will become history.

Wardrobe Evaluation

Image Consulting is skilled at creating and refining individual style. We strive to ensure that your clothes make the right statement about you, and that you’re always looking your best. Clothing recommendations for your body type Garment selections to suit your personality, lifestyle and physique Wardrobe refinement (what items to keep/discard) Up-to-date inventory and maintenance of wardrobe Outfit creation New item recommendation

Personal Shopping

We are fast, efficient and ready to shop with you at your favorite stores. Now that we know your best colors, lifestyle and trends, we will pull clothes that flatter you and your personal style and body shape. We will design a personalized shopping route, focusing on the essential so you save time and money when buying your clothes.In case you do not have much time, we will buy for you the look for a certain eve.

Ready to start your makeover?

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